Upside Down Kingdom | Deconstructing Jesus | Week 04

Upside Down Kingdom  

November 27, 2022 | Pastor Derek | John 18:36  
Big Idea: Jesus’ kingdom upends our definitions of power and success.  
About the Kingdom of God.  
kingdom = the rule and reign of God over all the earth for all time 
  • It is both ‘here’ and ‘near’
  • It is misunderstood.  
3 Upside Down Kingdom Principles 
  1. Winning comes through Dying (Col 2:13-15; Lk 9:23-25) 
  2. Power should be used under not over. (Mt 20:25-28) 
  3. The least in this world can have the greatest satisfaction (Mt 5:3-12)  

You are an Agent of Christ’s Upside-Down Kingdom.  

We live in a kingdom tension.  
  • Contented and discontented
  • Being and becoming 
What would it look like for you to embody the upside-down kingdom of Jesus in your real world this week?  
Upside Down Kingdom | Deconstructing Jesus | Week 04
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